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I impatiently waited for this show but also it has been a while since I last went to the V&A Museum in London. I could hardly wait and finish early today because logged off my laptop at work, rushing through the traffic and jumping on the tube to make it to the V&A Museum, I hadn’t been too interested with London Fashion week festival but Phoebe English was about to change this.

I planned on meeting a very close friend of mine who was coming along with her daughter who I absolutely adore. So this was a double whammy for me as this was a super busy day at work, I needed an injection of fashion with a sprinkle of art...


I was running and racing up the stairs, all sweaty and bumping into people, after all I didn’t want to get there late and miss anything. I finally made it to the V&A Museum and just like Alice in wonderland I was immersed into another world. A world of models and marionettes, with the hard being played and the music ringing like butterflies through the air. 

I was transported to a place where it felt like I fell through the rabbit hole and ended up in a grey tutu (which was exactly what I decided to wear with my cream leather jacket) in the middle of this magical place filled with marionettes and live models.

Each marionette was dressed with the same dress worn by the model

When the puppet master would move the marionette it would cause the model to imitate the movement

(marionnetts - created by Judith Hope the puppet maker)


wearing my boots, grey tutu and cream leather jacket 

Safisticat at the London Fashion week Festival

London Fashion Week Festival 

I love attending the London Fashion Week Festival each year and I have been for over the past 7 years now. The reason I love going is that I always end up finding numerous bargains, hence my excitement. However, this year was disappointing but thats just my own humble opinion. Some of the sellers had designer brands like YSL bags that were from collections two years back but the prices were still high (this from someone that knows my bags).

Each year there are fewer treasures and more of the norm that you can find in the normal street boutiques. The highlight of the event is the Catwalk, two years ago I watched Emila Wickstead's collection.

However, I did manage to grab two beautiful dresses, my beautiful Furslides, my gorgeous hat and my hair accessories...

There is always an interesting designer presenting, I remember when Emilia Wickstead presented her collection two years ago, who would have known that today Queen Rania of Jordan would be wearing her dresses. I fell in love with her collection of pastel dresses that looked like something out of a fairy tale but with that modern spin. This however isn’t about Emilia but about a new brand called ‘Galvan’. They have the secret to elegance by keeping it simple, this is an English brand which stays true to its heritage by keeping its manufacturing in the United Kingdom.

My new Hat...

An there is the catwalk, this is my favourite part of London Fashion week. The two types of fashion shows which are the Catwalk Trend and the Designer Catwalk. I like seeing the trend although I dont think that they always get the London trend right as what I consider to be the trend is what is currently being worn on the streets of London.

The Designer Catwalk is my own treat as this where you can see the new designers. Reason being you can always see a designer who will become world renouned before the majority of people who have no clue.


Trend Catwalk

IMG_3132 from on Vimeo.


Designer Catwalk: Galvan London 

The dresses were kept simple and elegant. 


London Fashion Week Festival - Galvan from on Vimeo.




Follow Faro...

We got on a flight from City airport on British Airways direction Faro! As going to the blue waters of the Caribbean was too far away for a 10 day holiday, my better half picked Faro. Let me just say that I remain amazed. Only day two of the holiday and we are staying at the beautiful and probably the best hotel in Faro called EVA. 
Our room has an extraordinary view of the Marina known as Marina de Faro. The view breathless and waking up every morning with the view, the sun and in a beautiful room with great wine (I ask what more do you want in life). We work very hard but play extra hard thats my motto in life.
Our timeline seen below, through my lens...

The Arrival...

 6:30am breakfast in the airport.

Welcome to Faro (Portugal) the view from our hotel room.

We arrived in Faro at 10:00am in the morning and got a cab from the airport to the hotel (EVA Hotel). We were exhausted as we went to the airport very early in the morning ad only got to sleep due to our (LOL). 

Coming from London where the weather was grey and looked like it was going to rain, Faro on the other hand was filled with glorious sunshine! Yippee!

white trousers from Stefanel (Italy), marine top from Malene Birger (Copenhagen), custom made flip flops (we got these made for our female wedding guests, I had to try them out first) and my Obag (Milan).


waking up with this gorgeous view and the glorious weather made we grab my gym gear and hit the gym (after all I have those extra telly tubby pounds to shed!). I have to be honest as I could only muster 15mins on the tread mill and was dreaming of hitting the pool on the top floor of the hotel.

Let me know if you have ever visited Faro and what you think of the place in my comments section. will continue with another post tomorrow. To all the Safisticats out there have a loverly night!









The British fashion designer Christopher Raeburn showcasing his Borneo Spring Summer 2016 collection at the V&A.

Safisticat  - aka moi

Patiently waiting for the show to start...

Fashion in Motion by Christopher Raeburn Borneo Collection SS'16 from on Vimeo.

Borneo a collection named after the country, the theme of jungle survival runs throughout; reclaimed military surplus including air break parachutes, sleeping bags, workwear denim, and bivouac canopies are deconstructed and meticulously remade into signature outerwear. However this collection also marks the most resolved manifestation of Raeburn’s unique approach to design with remade styles featuring across every category.

Fashion in Motion by Christopher Raeburn Borneo collection SS'16 from on Vimeo.

The catwalk was held at the V&A in the magnificent Raphael Gallery with its high ceilings and huge paintings. Upon entering the gorgeous room, you feel like you are Cinderella entering the grand ball room; however this 2016 and instead of waiting for the Prince to come down a flight of huge stairs, you are surrounded with cameras and stylish bloggers.


The excitement is palpable as are most catwalk shows, filled with people interested in everything fashion. I know the show will only last a short while but its worth every minute and I love showcasing how I perceive the show through my lens.

 Bornoe SS'16 - Fashion in Motion 'Through my Lens'

 Fashion in motion - Bornoe Collection SS'16

Fashion in Motion by Christopher Raeburn Borneo Collection SS16 from on Vimeo.

The Catwalk  show...

Loved the clothes as everything was 'street style' and you can easily see yourself carrying their 'back backs' or wearing the gorgeous jackets.  



LFW'2016 ROCKS!!!


'Through My Lens'...There is something about going the LFW and sitting front row to see the models walk down the runway wearing the new trends. Its very artistic and I love being kept in the loop with what is 'in' and what is 'out'; although I believe that you can wear absolutely anything as long as you wear the clothes and not the other way around. This February I was looking forward to the one show that would beat them all and thats the much awaited Emily Wickstead.  I have been keep a close eye on this designer 

From the catwalks showing us the season's trends to the much awaited '

London Fashion Week Feb'2016 from on Vimeo.

Jeans, jeans and more jeans... Loving the combo of mixing fabrics like jeans and leather and keeping it very casual this summer...


Leather skirt is a must

The Jeans Effect...

The suede ankle boot is this seasons must have...

The Fringe...

Jumpsuits are back in a more stylish way...

The leather effect with the rich spring coats...

Front Row...

Suede boots whether knee length or ankle are a must have this season

Born in New Zealand and raised in Milan, she’s a girl with a work ethic learned at the knee of her mother, who ran a successful bespoke dressmaking service in Auckland as Emilia was growing up.29-year old hasn’t taken the typical London-designer route to the runway—she built her business from private sales before venturing to show on the fringes of London Fashion Week this year. Suddenly, women from all over the world are paying attention to her designs

 her graceful, swirly-skirted fit-and-flare silhouettes, pretty-but-not-saccharine colours. Emilia’s just-so, concise styling marks her as the first new London designer to be cracking the arcane rules of high society British formal dressing, while also modernising them.

Emilia Wickstead cat walk... breathless

The designer shop area is a must see





Born Audrey Kathleen Ruston on the 4 May 1929 at 48 Keyenveld Straat, Ixelles, a suburb of Brussels, to a Dutch mother, Baroness Ella van Heemstra and Anglo-irish father, Joseph Victor Anthony Ruston; Hepburn had two half-brothers, Ian and Alexander, from her mother's first marriage. Hepburn attended boarding school in Elham, Kent, fromMay1935 until 1939 (Audrey Hepburn Estate / Luca Dotti & Dean Hepburn Ferrer).

The Iconic Audry Heburn 

The much awaited exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery showcasing the legendary Audrey Hepburn. I eagerly waited to see this exhibition because growing up, who didn’t watch the very famous film,'Breakfast at Tiffany's'? I eagerly awaited for this exhibition. There was a full house at the exhibition and everyone trying to get a walk through of the iconic Audrey Hepburn's life story. How would her estate honour her?


Standing in line and waiting impatiently  

Personal display of some of Audrey Hepburn’s never seen before pictures...

Here were 3 rooms in total, the first show cased the early years in her life. The fact that I am a self confessed ‘Dreamer’, I loved looking at every little picture they had and the excitement was building up. What I didn’t like was that there were too many people in that small room. There were personal pictures of Audrey on the walls and each showcased her in her most simple family pictures to her more 'Vogesque' like poses for magazines. Unfortunately, upon entering the second mid sized room, I began feeling disappointed and was seriously trying to keep positive. It was not the size of the rooms or the fact that they were over crowded but that such an exhibition for such an Iconic star did not do her any justice.

Her Ballet shoes  


 These pictures were taken just before I was asked to put my camera away and no photographs were allowed. That came as a complete shock to me because why have such an exhibition and not let people take pictures? The more bloggers write about the exhibition the moe people will be interested which means the more traffic (visitors through the doors). 

I loved this picture as she was so photogenic with an elegance of a ballerina. 

Audrey served as Goodwill Ambassador for United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF), from 1988 until her untimely death in January 1993. During her years of working with Unicef she travelled to Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya amongst the countries she visited . In December 1992 she received the United States' highest civilian award, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, this was for all her great work with Unicef.



I was left with my creative buds starved, there was no thought put into this exhibition and no soul. that is just my own opinion and many of you faithful readers may not think so… However, the National Portrait Gallery should take a page out of visiting the exhibitions at the Saatchi Gallery or the V&A museum to understand how magical they could have made this. I really don’t understand why pictures were prohibited, after all there were only pictures and no jewels displayed, that still leaves me bewildered.

 I wish I can say that I was ecstatic to be able to blog abut paying homage to my icon through this blog post, however I wish it were different.
'Through my Lens'...



When in Paris do like the tourist! After having a few glasses of champers (Champagne… LOL!), this was the day I tried on my wedding dress to be precise (First trial and I found the ‘one’). I had gotten my other half and I tickets to see the much anticipated LouisVuitton show called Volez, Voguez, Voyagezavec des Valises LV in Paris at the Grand Palais. It was my first time visiting the Grand Palais and I waited impatiently to see this exhibition. As usual my expectations were very high because of the fact that it was Louis Vuitton and I must tell you all I wasn’t disappointed.
Le Grand Palais Paris
The different luggage featuring drawers and several compartments 
Lingerie drawers/compartments 
Mini cupboards where clothes could be hung 

The next room - Sails, ships and luggage

MERRY CHRISTMAS... The Burberry Festive Film staring Safisticat...

The Burberry Effect... The Burberry Festive Film staring Safisticat..

The Burberry Festive Film - starring Safisticat from on Vimeo.

I loved doing this and can say that this is the highlight before Christmas. As its Christmas Eve, let me wish all those who supported me and read my posts and showed me love on Intsagram, twitter, Vimeo etc... a very Merry Christmas. 


There is No Blahník like Manolo Blahník…

This evening rushing through London after a hectic day at work and catching the Jubilee line from London Bridge to Green park. I made my way through the crowds rushing to get to the Hatchards Book store, where I had eagerly been anticipating Manolo Blank’s ‘Fleeting Gestures And Obsessions’ book signing. I had been looking forward to this evening throughout the whole week and could think of nothing else.

Hatchards which was established in 1797 by John Hatchard and is London’s oldest bookshop, by appointments to her Majesty The Queen, H.R.H The Duke Of Edinburgh & H.R.H The Prince Of Wales (Royal Warrants of Appointment are a mark of recognition to those who supply goods or services to the Households of HM The Queen, HRH The Duke of Edinburgh or HRH The Prince of Wales.) So I ask you, what better place to host the book signing of such an Icon such as MR. Manolo Blahník? I will answer, none!

The Book: Fleeting Gestures And Obsessions
Designer: Manolo Blahník

upon entering the book store, I stopped to ask where I could get a copy of the book,”Fleeting Gestures And Obsessions” of Manolo Blahník, which was just by my left but due to the excitement that had me salivating and confused i hadn’t realised. A lovely lady pointed at the tower of books by the side letting me know that she was also here for the same thing. I didn’t hesitate to buy my copy and rush to the third floor where we were asked to wait. The air could hardly contain the excitement, energy and buzz around the floor. As people whispered to one another (I could not imagine what everyone’s curiosity was like but I knew that mine was uncontainable).

As he came in and sat at the desk, always smiling and openly joking with the people around. I watched carefully as he started receiving people and their individual books. Carefully placing the gloves on his hand each time he handed someone’s book. Always paying only the most lovely compliments to each individual.


I waited impatiently for my turn, until I found myself standing in front of his table.


I asked him politely injected with some charm,should I refer to him as Mr. Manolo or Mr. Blahník? He looked at me and with a smile, humbly said what might my own name be? There was an instant energy (as those who know me, know that I love to have a good laugh and never take myself too seriously), he asked what my name is and I said with an infectious grin, you can call me ‘Safynaz’. He proceeded to compliment me saying that I had a beautiful name and it reminded him of a girlfriend he had when he was very young man from Tehran with the same name. I felt a little guilty as I knew that whilst we were chatting away and laughing there was a whole crowd waiting to meet Mr. Blahník so I had to take my pictures and savour that experience and what an expirience.

Mr. Blahník & I at the Hatchards Book Store in London

 I had just met a living and breathing fashion icon. I cannot blog about my extraordinary experience without mentioning that as most women my age remember that we got ‘Manolo fever’ from Carrie Bradshaw in the romantic sitcom Sex and the City. Who didn’t fall in love with Carrie the independent, New York City newspaper columnist, fashionista, freelance writer for Vogue and a published author. Her weekly column, "Sex and the City," provided the storylines and narrations for each episode. Thats another story for another blog post. If you didn’t know about shoes after watching Carrie in her different gorgeous ‘Manolos’, you became an instant lover of the iconic brand.


I was humbled to be in the presence of a true Icon, a gentleman, a kind soul, with an infectous sharp sense of humour and a complete extrovert. This was one of the highlights of the year or should I even say of my life. This is my christmas present to myself and believe that it surpasses all presents. Thank you to Hatchards for making this happen in London.

There is None other than Manolo Blahník…


Louis Vuitton Series 3 Exhibition 


Finally the event I have been waiting for 'the Louis Vuitton Exhibition Series 3', happening right here at my door London! Did it meet my expectations, no it actually surpassed them. I had prepared to go to the Louis Vuitton Series 3 Exhibition. Not once but after three failed attempts, I could imagine missing this much awaited exhibition. I finally made it and here is my walk through the adventurous world of Louis Vuitton Series 3. Held in a huge building about a 5 minute walk from temple tube station (London). The queues are horrendous on both sides of the entrance and we are queuing up. I went there with a friend blogger ( who loves photography just as much as I do and sometimes we end up going to events together to have a good laugh (after all work has to be fun!). 


Entering the room where you are greeted by an enormous and incredible geodesic dome hanging above the room ceiling...


As you walked through the white tunnel you are led into the oval shaped room which has a screen that covers the whole wall, contained in the centre of the room is a Louis Vuitton trunk containing Nicolas Ghesquiére's creative process and inspiration.


Louis Vuitton Series 3 Exhibition - MASTER MIND from on Vimeo


Entering this room with mirrored walls and a set of lined up tables which had embedded screens showing you short films of the craftsman's movement as that of an artist, after all this is artistry. This is the Savoir-faire room that shows you each intricate detail of the much wanted Louis Vuitton iconic clutch bags being put together piece by piece (with a precision that requires the most steady hands to handle the smallest screws). Following them in real time as they are being filmed live in the next room creating La petite Malle and the Dora which are two of LV's classics


I loved entering this room as you had the feeling that you were on the runway show walking close to the models. The room's walls were all mirrored and around the room there were huge elongated screens scattered on different levels of each step. It gave me the feeling that I was in a huge hall full of walking amongst models in the AW15 runway collection.



The precision of the laser defines the reality through the artisans' touch

Louis Vuitton Series 3 Exhibition - THE SCIENCE OF SAVOIR-FAIRE from on Vimeo.


Experiencing a real life atelier was a real treat passing and through this room as one who has worked in a shoe makers atelier, it brought back happy memories but also acknowledgement of the hard work that the artisans bring to their art. Two stations set up with two artisans to show the visitors the intricate detail and precision needed to create the clutches and I loved the fact that you could watch the artisans' work live and ask questions. One of the artisan's told me that it took one of them 40 hours to construct one these clutches, can you imagine?




"I've always loved designing accessories. For me,accessories never stay alone, there has to be a common thread between them. They're an integral part of each outfit, either clashing or complementing it. They share the same sentiment and movement as the garment. A silhouette is a complete make-up of all these elements." Nicolas Ghesquiére. 






The glass wardrobe, where the new AW15 collection was kept and where you could go in and touch the material (not try them on) to have a feel of the materials.  From a luscious coat to fabulous AW15 LV boots. 




The wall full of pictures and this is the end of the Louis Vuitton Exhibition Series 3 in London. Loved taking pictures and going through such a maze of creative surprises at each corner.

I loved every minute and hope that you lived the exhibition on my blog through my lens. Signing out, until my next blog post!



My champaign breakfast with Andrey Yarden in Italy, finally seeing his collect of exquisite bijoux!!! Ladies, kick off your Louboutins, prepare a good glass of wine and lets delve into what I call the Yarden effect. I love stories and this is one to be told and shared with passion...

Once upon a time in a Kingdom far, far away called Russia in the town of Bratsk ( area of a giant Siberian Lake of Baikal, north of the city of Irkutsk ) lived a young man who was 17 years old. His dreams were too big to be contained in such a small town and so he yearned to find out what lay ahead in the unknown. He decided to pack a bag and journey through the vast lakes and lands and knew that he wanted to get to the heart of the kingdom known as 'Moscow'. Moscow where the grand streets were busy with the bustle of life and noise of chaos, where the ladies bathed in elegance with dresses adorned with jewellery. As he walked the streets fascinated with the opulence and elegance of beautifully elegant women, overbearing buildings which looked like body guards protecting the Tsar, he knew that this is where magic would attain reality.  A young 17 year old unafraid of his vision that could not be contained in a dream decided to attend Moscow State University of Steel and Alloys where he became an engineer in the field of non-ferrous metals production. He worked hard in order to achieve the numerous goals and his great achievement... Ladies and Gentlemen (drum roll!!!), presenting the gorgeous jewellery collection by Andrey Yarden.

Andrey Yarden through my lens... (Click on the link to see the video)

His collection has been show cased in Vogue Russia and the quirky designs combined with precious stones give an enchanting effect. The boldness of his rings leaves little excuse to anyone that doesn't want to stand out. Andrey Yarden's collection has been featured in Vogue (Russia) and ELLE (Russia) amongst the many Russian fashion magazines.

The initial job offer was a position of a graphic designer in an advertising agency where he was able to master the skills of digital design and photography. The collaboration with an esteemed professional in that area of design ( artist A. Bartenev ) marked his participation in the project ‘’ ( the first one in his creative career). Designing the prints for a certain charity auction that are still selling and with the proceeds steadily going to the ‘Fund to fight AIDS’. Graphics and photography are still among his priorities but relatively recent transition to design signifies a new phase in his creative approach. His inquisitive and energetic soul allows him to create incredible pieces (like the rose stem brooch, one I completely fell in love with. Come to think about it I could not pick one as I wanted all), his laugh and playfulness is completely addictive. You cannot help being in awe with such a talented young man.

[powr-multi-slider label="Andrey Yarden"]

Natalia Vodianova (aka Supernova) the Russian Super Model attended the Louis Vutton show and was pictured with Andrey Yardens gorgeous 'gold star' earrings. What better publicity could Andrey have asked for to excel him to the next level and cement his name as a new up and coming jewellery designer and one to watch closely. This was the start to his named being echoed in the corridors of the Russian fashion arena and soon to be global. 

 [powr-multi-slider label="Andrey Yarden2"]

From his opulent rings to his unique bejewelled cross brooch, if you are looking for pieces that will wow the crowds, than look further as his first collection with previous stones like Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire... I was also fortunate enough to be given a sneak peek of the new collection made with a more affordable price range (earrings with fresh water pearls). The collection although simplistic, doesn't loose its incredible beauty and once again Andrey confuses us with which piece to choose. Upon finishing up our champaign breakfast and interview, Andrey surprised me with a gift, a pair of earrings with dangling pearls (it was love at first sight). 

Our paths crossed by chance in Italy but I do believe things happen for a reason and what a great person to call 'my friend'.


Vogue (Russia), ELLE (Russia) and Natalia Vodianova pictures were all provided Courtesy of Andrey Yarden's PR.



It’s that time of the year when global bloggers salivate with all the juicy up and coming fashion designers, topped with the latest fashion trends and sprinkled with audacious numerous cat walks.

This year there the doors opened to the new venue for London Fashion Week. Upon hearing this news I did the 'victory dance' trust me its not something that I would be caught dead doing in front of anyone, apart from my closest friends who know me to be goofy!!!

I was eager to see how it would compare to the old venue, the 62nd London fashion week and being a visitor for 5 years. I loved the old venue and believe that it would be a hard location to beat, the picturesque courtyards and lavish fountains of Somerset House were the perfect location for LFW. Truth be told, I cannot lie and I really miss the old venue but change never comes easy in life. so this year I said 'Goodbye to Somerset house and welcome to 'Brewer Street car park' (which i used to manage years ago, so a location that is well known to myself)

The party goes on and amongst several events taking place in central London, the London Fashion Weekend which is held at the Saatchi gallery in posh old Chelsea at Duke Of York's HQ, King's Rd, London SW3 4RY. I have visited the Saatchi gallery numerous times in the past but I was disappointed with this venue. I felt it was small for the amount of people visiting, very hot (so you had to have a bottle of water) and very cramped. All in all, I did enjoy the trend & designer catwalks and the accessories room.
I tried to capture the event and give you all a feel for the #LWF experience. I hope that you enjoy my pictures and videos…[powr-photo-gallery label="LFWevent"] (click here) Videos to check out #LFW for a summary through my lens...At the catwalk trend I sat besides another blogger who has a lovely blog about fashion which also shared the below pictures with me courtesy[powr-photo-gallery label="LFWPics"] 

Paris...La Vie de Rêve!

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La vie de rêve…Part 1..Action!! - As I follow the yellow brick road until I stumble and fall through the rabbit's hole and voila! I wake up to the smell of freshly baked croissants and the sound of Paris. There is a magic that happens when you are in Paris and walking around the gorgeous cobblestoned streets, looking at the grand monuments that swallow us whole. We are drowned in history and can imagine how Coco Chanel walked down the Parisian streets in her beautifully tailored suits accessorised with her pearl necklaces. I love to travel around the world and I always observe women and what they wear. There is something to be said about the simplicity of ’La Femme Française’ (the french woman). They have a way of making all clothes looking impeccable and without effort. I am intrigued with all the well hidden secrets Paris holds, so I hope you enjoy Paris through my lens…[powr-photo-gallery label="Laviedereve1"]

Talks with Erin O’Connor at the V&A

I love going to the V&A Museum, the high ceilings and long halls filled with fascinating artefacts which transports you to a world filled with opulence. I was interested in listening to one of my favourite global super models, La giraffe (as Jean Paul Gautier named her, his muse). The queues were a mile long but entrance was rapid and in went the crowd into the building where the long halls welcomed us warmly.

It is an evening session and the crowd has already gone so its peaceful all around.

I find my seat which has a great view and soon the lights get dimed and the speaker comes out to introduce Erin for her interview, this interview is on the back of the Alexander McQueen’s show at the V&A in London. If I am honest its the best ticket to any event I have ever bought.

  ‘La Girraffe’ came out and true to her name; she exuded elegance, her manor of coolly walking to take her seat and finally sliding into her chair. What happened after was that Erin cast her spell upon us all with her warmth, honesty and charm. What I absolutely adored was the humility she had, this great global beauty. She spoke softly but with a certain power behind every word, I am sure that you think that I am biased (lol). One thing I am is excruciatingly honest 

Through my lens with Erin O'Connor

Coliac at Milan for Fashion Week

As I was in Milan for Fashion Week in March 2015 after having had a delicious meal at a restaurant, I stumbled across the launch of the AW 2015-16 Coliac (Martina Grasselli) Collection. This collection reconfirms the iconic shapes of Derby shoes and ankle boots but with a twist to it, as well as experimenting innovative materials such as in the new vegan-oriented models (these are distinguished from the other models by their embossed silver logo).

Manufactured in eco leather with their different glitter effects shades ranging from pink to platinum enhanced by piercings inedited forms inspired by mechanical mechanisms with an addition rhinestones. Making these shoes futuristic but with a unique elegance making it a marriage for both ethics and aesthetics.

[powr-photo-gallery label="Coliac"]

The heels are to-die-for, so elegant but yet keeping its bejewelled look. When I saw these shoes my heart beat started racing and all I could think of is where I can get a pair or two!

The ‘Laced up jewel’ status was defined by the derby shoe’s masculine lines, a mixture of metal piercings combined with pearls and jewels, making this a real jewel to own.

Materials range from the classic, like brushed veal to manufactured leather such as mirrored calf and smeared crackle effect calf, up to more unusual materials such as glitters and longhaired furs. From nudes to metallic and ruthenium, you will defiantly find something for you.

The release of creativity and the savoir faire of the Italian craftsmanship, these shoes are for the very stylish and confident woman.