#Shoecstacy |Shoeˈcstasy|
noun [mass noun]
1. an overwhelming feeling of great happiness or joyful excitement when you see a shoe that overwhelms you with its beauty : there was a look of shoecstasy on her face whilst trying her new pair of shoes.
2. an emotional trance-like state when spotting a great pair of shoes.
3. experience of mystic self-transcendence upon wearing or seeing a great pair of shoes.

The Gucci - The Princetown Slipper


The Gucci must have Princetown Slipper
Although I have been a fan of the Gucci brand since I was a teenager, I lost interest in the last decade as Gucci wasn’t producing any designs that caught my interest, until a couple of years ago. I love the fact that Gucci has decided to take a leap and become a leader in today’s designs. Gucci reigns again, with bolder patterns and glamorous colours. The Princetown floral duchesse slipper is a summer must have in my fashion diary. Its cool, stylish and simple can be worn casually or dressed up. These beauties come in many bold colours as well as patterns, the choice is all yours.
Then you have the Princeton leather slippers in bold colours but i love the odd colour and my choice is the Gold Princeton leather slipper.
If you can get your hands on any of these babies, they are worth it.
Can be worn with jeans, cigarette trousers, dress, skirt, jumpsuits...

ADVENT CALENDAR 2015..On The Twenty-Second Day Of Christmas...

On The Twenty-Second Day Of Christmas
'Evangleine' by Sophie Webster 
On the twenty-second day of Christmas...My Advent Calendar 2015! Firstly I have to mention that Sophie Webster is one my favourite British shoe designers currently and one to watch very closely. The reason being that anyone who thought of placing wings on a pair of heels and making them look sexy rather then ridiculous deserves to be knighted by the Queen herself (lol). I love shoes just like every other woman out there but I consider myself 'difficult' when it comes to finding my type of heels or the right heel. I like what is quirky, unique and made for a woman such as myself, however I get bored with every shoe designer copying the other (finding identical designs with a different designers name). I can’t remember when I first caught sight of Sophie Webster’s 'shocktastic' heels but I honestly remember salivating. Its like walking into Ladurée and seeing all those delicious macaroons in their pastel colours hiding different flavours. That is what Sophie Webster's collection feels like at a first glance. I love the fact that her wings resemble butterfly wings and love the fact that they make you feel like a super hero. The 'Evangeline' is one of the pairs I am considering wearing on my wedding day next year, however it's a tie with another pair which I cannot name yet. That will be for another blog post on another day. To all you super fashionistas go get a pair and feel like a hot heroine every time you wear them.

ADVENT CALENDAR 2015..On The Nineteenth Day Of Christmas...

On The 19th Day Of Christmas
On the nineteenth day of Christmas...Advent Calendar 2015! Lets give these Nudist @stuartweitzman heels a standing ovation as they have graced numerous red carpets and celebrities like Jennifer Lopez wore the same pair of Nudist to the Golden Globes (if they are good enough for J.Lo then they are good enough for us, ladies!!). This heel is in high demand by fashionistas and those that know a good thing when they see it. This is a perfect heel that can be worn at any Christmas or NewYear party but I love pairing mine with jeans or leather pants. A sexy pair of killer heels that will work their magic every where you go. The 'Nudist' will still remain on many style icons and fashionistas list for years to come. Elegantly sculptured to make all feet look extremely beautiful and delicate on ones feet.

ADVENT CALENDAR 2015..On The Sixteenth Day Of Christmas...

On The 16th Day Of Christmas
On the 16th day of Christmas...Advent Calendar 2015!
For all fashionistas that arent afraid to be bold & beautiful. I am no Moschino fan and have never been, until I saw these platfomed heels in Florence. This pair of platformed sandals need to be shown off and allow your legs to show case themselves. Making my Christmas list for the 1st time ever is Moschino. 

ADVENT CALENDAR 2015..On The Thirteenth Day Of Christmas...

On The 13th Day Of Christmas
On the 13th day of Christmas...Advent Calendar 2015!
These are called "Flash Oro' by my fav Italian Shoe designers - Gianvito Rossi. Every woman needs a sexy pair of heels #bagadore For fashionistas that want to wow at any Christmas party!!! This is by far my favorite shoe designer, the son of the famouse Italian shoe designer 'Sergio Rossi', who also makes exquisite 'heels'. I love the shape, colours and styles that Ginvoto Rossi creates. Stylish , Sexy and luscious shoes that scream out, "I am here!!!!" every time you will walk into a room. That's what I call the Gianvito Rossi effect.

ADVENT CALENDAR 2015..On The Tenth Day Of Christmas...

On The Tenth Day Of Christmas
On the 10th day of Christmas...Advent Calendar 2015!
I fell in love with this pair of Salvatore Ferragamo's ballerina flats this summer! This pair of multicoloured ballet shoes will look perfect with any summer outfit. Stylish and simple, yet classy these are a must have for summer hence have made my Christmas list. Fashionistas that want to wow!!! which do you prefer the black strap or red strap?

ADVENT CALENDAR 2015..On The Seventh Day Of Christmas...

On The 7th Day of Christmas
On the 7th day of Christmas...Advent Calendar 2015!
Never thought that any Roger Vivier's would make my Christmas list, however the Roger VivierZip Ankle Boots have. These pair of sexey booties will look perfect with any outfit. Elegant and stylish, these are a must have and definately have made my Christmas list.Love these beautiful heels for any fashionista that wants to wow at any Christmas party!!! 

ADVENT CALENDAR 2015...On The 4th Day Of Christmas...

On The Fourth Day Of Christmas 
On the 4th day of Christmas...Advent Calendar 2015!
YSL Cruise Collection / Classic Jane ankle strap sandal in Green Lizard Embossed Leather. Love these beautiful heels for any fashionista that wants to wow at any Christmas party!!!  Fashionistas that want to wow!!! 

ADVENT CALENDAR 2015...On The 1st Day Of Christmas...

On The First Day Of Christmas...

My Advent Calendar 2015! I wanted to pick out my favourite picks for each day. All you have to do is scroll around my blog to find my picks for each day. These pair of gorgeous heels are my first pick for the ❤️1st December - YSL Cruise Collection / Classic Jane ankle strap sandal in black suede. Love these beautiful heels for any fashionista that wants to wow!!! 

The Princetown Slipper by Gucci

The Gucci Princetown Slipper...at first I saw this slipper featured in Vogue and thought that this is surely a 'faux pas', but the more I see this flurry beauty the more I am intrigued.  

For all the quirky fashion slippers this is top of the list for AW15 and would look great with a pair of jeans. This is a definite #shoecstacy from my end.

Autumn comes with a YSL bang!!!!

I love all things Saint Laurent (Yves Saint Laurent), its incredible how this brand has kept up with the trends and all that is 'trendy'. Their AW15 collection showcased the fact that they are still a ‘force’ to reckon with and they remain stylish and ‘chic’ all through the brands evolution.

Fetish Multi Studded Strap Ankle Boot In Black Shiny Leather


I love trainers but there is nothing like getting a fancy pair of comfortable trainers to wear with your cool outfit all from Gucci. This fall keep it simple in these gorgeous pairs of trainers and let them do all the talking for.


I am in love with these Gucci Bloomers 

Neon Leather High-Top Sneakers


Its all about the trainers for AW15 and this fashion will slowly sneak into 2016

What Trainer sign are you?

Birthday Shout out to VIAJIU!!!!

                                                        Happy Birthday to Viajiu

Whilst walking along the mazed crooked streets of my beloved city Florence (Italy), I stumbled across this little boutique called Viajiu, situated close to some of my loved brands like ‘Sergio Rossi’ and ‘Salvatore Ferragamo’.

Intrigued by the name and its location, I decided to walk in through…The meaning of Viajiu is 'the Freedom Road'

It is was slip of the foot into one of their loafers and Abracadabra the deal was sealed! I love loafers and wouldn’t have traded my Todd’s for anything in the world (even for my fav chocolate bar). What attracted my attention was the blast of gorgeous colours displayed everywhere, it was like walking in a gigantic skittles store and those who know me, know my love for colour. I love the fact that Viajiu doesn't play it safe with the colour schemes making it all the more interesting.

The Viajiu global nomad woman, where you can design your own shoes or select shoes designed by women they admire… whichever way you decide to go, you will never look back!

I walked in I was attracted by Nicole's vibrant personality and the energy she exuded, I loved the way she spoke about her brand, with such affection and energy. I believe we clicked immediately and I loved the fact that not only did the loafers look fantastic but one of the founders behind this brand had an amazing story of how it came about along with a dynamic personality bursting with enthusiasm. I will let you have the pleasure of hearing the story if and when you visit Viajiu.

At first I was reticent due to the fact that I was still married to my favourite loafer brand ‘Todds’ but was still wary about betraying Todd’s and having an affair with another brand (LOL!)… Once I tried on a pair, it was an instant love affair. The softness and feel of the loafers How the leather was exquisite due to the use of premium quality skins for this loafers (Yes!! Is the answer, if you are wondering if I am a connoisseur of quality leather and skins)… Truth must be told. I feel ‘elegant’ every time I wear them and not forgetting the multitude of compliments I have received around the world!

Viajiu shoes are handmade in Italy, using the finest fabrics, by the same artisans, Italian shoemakers, who make some of the world's best known and sought after luxury shoe brands.

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I ended up buying 3 pairs, which were delivered directly to my London address for free. Unfortunately, I had to go through a divorce with Todds but what an affair I am having with Viajiu (LOL)!!! Start your affair with Viajiu and never look back….

Comfort 100%
Envy Factor – off the chart !!


The Florence store is now open every day till the 22nd November, which is now by appointment only. So, if you are in town be sure to make an appointment to avoid missing out.

You can book an appointment by following the link: VIAJIYU.setmore.com


Nicole and Sam
Co-founders, VIAJIYU