Welcome! Bienvenue!

Imagine you are walking in a park after a stress filled day of hard work and suddenly you fall through a huge hole. You keep falling slowly until you tumble down and land on a big cloud of candy floss, you hop off onto the luscious velvet floor and look around to see luscious walls covered in rich tapestry. Crystal chandelier earrings dangling from the ceiling, golden framed portraits with bags placed in them. You shake your head and think to yourself, 'am I dreaming?' you walk across to a massive baroque mirror and you are stunned as you look down and presto your feet are wearing a gorgeous pair of Stuart Weitzman nude heels and a lovely christian dior ball skirt, a shirt tied at the waist. All this adorned or draped with a Falkor II necklace. Now get out of my mind and welcome to my blog!!!! (LOL) 

Take a trip around my blog where I blog about my favourite Shoes, Bags and Accessories; events which I attend and create my videos 'Through My Lens'. Share my love for fashion as an artistic expression of who I am rather than a blog full of pictures....The expression of fashion through my lens.


'Every woman masters her own walk in great shoes'